Play the Cards You Have…And. No. Others

Learn About Team Building Communication

It’s not too often you find an upside to a job that offers more than an occasional chance of getting dead. It tends to wear on you, it makes you second guess yourself, it can get you spun up over things that aren’t even a threat, because hey, anything could go wrong.Me, I’ve almost died…

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Memento Mori

Meet Acumen Performance Group Team Author

We’re All On the Clock: People tend to shape expectations by events in our past. This would be fine, except people rarely remember things as accurately as they tell themselves they do. Entire personas are often constructed around partially true memories in hopes of being happy in a world that no longer exists. So we…

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Exceed the Bare Minimum

Read Our Post of Exceeding the Bare Minimum

It always rubbed me the wrong way when people I worked for would say they wanted me to “do a little extra” or “exceed expectations”. Like if you want, to see 20 pieces of flair, why not make 20 pieces the minimum, right? Don’t ask for 5 widgets and then get bent outta shape when…

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Okay Campers, Rise and Shine

With High-Performing Teams & Training, Exercise,

Thought you were done? Gonna go back to Regular Life and forget all about the sideshow-caliber train wreck that has embodied every minute of 2020? No more masks or lockdowns or shopping between riots?Smooth sailing from here, right? WRONGNo one’s goin’ nowhere. YOU’RE not goin’ nowhere. Where you goin’? NOWHERE It’s Groundhog’s Day campers, we’re gonna…

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Meet Leave Rambo For The Movies Author

Here’s the deal, the world has become an increasingly hard place to stay alive and an even harder place to get ahead; YOU CANT DO IT ALONE! You need people at your side, you need people watching your back. In short, you need a team, and having a team means COLLABORATION. Don’t confuse that with “compromise”, where…

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Read About Normalizing Team Building Training

Imagine you’re in a TV show. One of those short ones where there’s no time for buildup. Imagine it’s about the Chinese curse of living in interesting times. POOFOpen your eyes.It’s not TV. It’s real life. It’s your life. It’s interesting outside, and this show is on 24 hours a day, zero commercials.All interesting.All the…

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Do What You Want

Brighten Your Organization's Future At APG

One of the problems with a never-ending supply of information-on-tap is that you get to see the best parts of everything and the reality of nothing. You see a gold-miner panning for gold, you see a street-performer juggling chainsaws, you see a ballerina…doing…ballet…(or whatever), and people say “golly, neat-o, I wanna do that! I wanna…

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