We don’t create talent,

we unleash it

APG can help you stack the odds in your favor!

Boost Your Team's Skills With Our Leadership Development Company


Develop stronger communication and productivity through leadership, teamwork and performance enhancement skill training.


Elevate sustainable performance, reorient cultures to Team, Teammate, Self and instill an Iron-bound Will to Win.

“Working with APG, the ROI is definitely there in terms of a "return on culture”. It's exciting to see people want to be more involved with the execution of our corporate strategies. This is something so vital, that if we were a credit card commercial, we'd say the value is "priceless". It often takes companies a decade or more to achieve the cultural change we were looking for. APG is achieving a tangible positive culture change much faster (1-2 years) and much more affordably.”

Paul Goddard / President & CEO Pizza Pizza

"We utilized APG during the infant stages of our journey as well as throughout to set the tone for the players. APG was vital in resolving our issues, but more importantly, they taught us how to handle change in a dynamic environment, which was a critical element used in the Olympic games and helped us in winning Gold!"

Adam Krikorian/ Head Coach / Olympic Women's Water Polo