Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is Acumen Performance Group (APG)?

As retired military leaders and business owners, Acumen Performance Group consists of accomplished and combat-decorated veterans who enjoy sharing our knowledge and experiences with both corporate and athletic clients in leadership, cultural development and teamwork. We serve as a catalyst for progress that provides leaders and team members with new perspectives and innovative philosophies in the areas of mental performance, leading in a crisis, mission planning, and more. At Acumen Performance Group, our passion is to discover what better looks like to you, and then to build a relationship and collaborate ideas in bringing those visions to life.

Q: What sets Acumen Performance Group’s products and services apart from its competitors?

The world knows more about leadership and business today than we ever have in the history of the world, yet we’re working longer hours, falling further behind, and still struggling to make a difference. That is because we’re trying to fit outdated styles of business into modern challenges. APG is inspired to bridge the gap between the litany of outdated philosophies out there, from what actually works when it counts.  Our leadership training principles are anchored from real-world Special Operations experiences that have been tested in fire where failure isn’t an option. With this experience as our foundation, and with our graduate level knowledge, we’ve filtered what works to develop core leadership strategies and techniques that can be translated across any industry.  Our track record with our diverse list of clients demonstrates this approach works. Our training focuses on building a healthy organization with a results-oriented culture that drives performance excellence, accountability, attention to detail, and teamwork.

Q: Why do I need APG to do this work for me? Can’t I do it myself?

Of course, but at what expense?  Time is our most valuable and unforgiving resource, but unfortunately that’s what it will take to navigate uncharted waters alone. Here at Acumen Performance Group, we are familiar with these waters and have fine-tuned our methods.  We are eager to seek out and collaborate with new partners like you who are eager to raise the bar.

By partnering with APG, you bring instant credibility and proven success to your organization, and you don’t have to waste time taking unnecessary risks or trying new strategies that don’t work. With our expertise, higher education and our collective 125 years of Special Operations experience, we’ve developed an approach that works, which can save you time, money, and effort in the long run.

Q: I want my team to be invested in our mission and vision. As a leader, how can I encourage my team to take initiative?

Performance and results are not open to interpretation, so making expectations clear will help your team work together and do what needs to be done to achieve the desired results.

Our flagship Target Leadership program promotes the idea of building a healthy and committed organization founded on the concept of “leadership-at-every-level” as well as active followership.   Organizations that develop clarity and buy-in from the workforce are the ones with good people who understand and align with the company’s values and are led by leaders who can connect and drive those values. If each member of your team understands their personal responsibilities for helping the organization achieve its goals, then you can empower individuals to take initiative and make the necessary decisions to put the team and the mission first.

Q: How do I know that this curriculum is the right choice for my organization?

We developed our leadership process not to be another model to add to the litany of leadership models available today, but rather to provide a roadmap on how to navigate the leadership process and challenges of today. While we will explain the WHAT and WHY, it is less focused on that and more focused on the HOW.

The reason we found this to be important, is because we want our clients to be able to put it into action immediately.  Most leadership models and theories tell you WHO or WHAT you should be, but they never surgically strike how to do it. We will help translate complex ideas into simple to swallow concepts that make sense for your industry so our clients can walk away with a new set of frameworks and strategies to assist current leaders with modern-day leadership challenges.

Q: Why an Ethos?

Unlike a Mission or Value Statement, an Ethos runs much deeper. It is internally developed from the ground up and serves as the heart and soul of an organization because it is based on purpose, personal integrity and performance. It clarifies expectations, set’s cultural norms and establishes accountability blind of rank. It is THE STANDARD.

To find your organization’s Standard, we’ll guide your team of personnel from every rank to start with some simple shared ideas to capture your organization’s values that support the mission. You’ll design the characteristic spirit of your desired organizational culture. As you explore your organization’s ethos, you’ll continue focusing towards the why. Why do you do what you do? You’ll examine internally to identify what drives you and look externally to see where you want to go.

Q: What will be the biggest challenge for my organization with implementing APG’s curriculum? Is the training lasting? Will you see results?

As with any training or change being made, the biggest challenge is always follow-through.  Trusting the process and staying on the path until the new ideas and strategies become the norm takes time, effort, and mentorship from the leaders. APG is passionate about building relationships with our clients, and we will be available to assist our clients on their journey.

There will be results, but like anything else, doing something new feels awkward and clumsy at first.  Doing it as a team and using the standard drives the accountability and commitment and leads to lasting results.

Q: I’m not sure this is the best time to try something new. Why should I try employing APG’s curriculum in the middle of a pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned everything on its head. Production came to a standstill because the good people who typically drive the organization lose clarity under the circumstances. During times of uncertainty, they stop and look to their leaders.  Most leaders have never worked through a crisis. It can be overwhelming. APG comes from a world of uncertainty and is looking to team up with leaders who want to take advantage of the current opportunities available and drive on.

When the dust finally settles, it will become evident in which companies took action during these times – and which focused on merely staying afloat. They’ll be the ones going out of business.

By capitalizing on the moment and forging an even stronger and more resilient team, you’ll be better equipped to innovate and get ahead. If your team can thrive during a pandemic, the entire organization will be set up for long-term success, no matter what else comes your way in the future.  To quote a famous Japanese proverb, “The best time to plant a tree is 10 years ago, the next best time is right now”.

Q: How do I hire APG? What’s the next step?

Let’s schedule a call so we can hear what better looks like to you.  Contact us at so we can discuss ideas and work together to develop a tailor made program that will impact your entire organization. We are excited to share our stories and experiences with you, and to work with your team to develop leaders equipped to drive a healthy organization – Especially during these times of uncertainty when businesses need it the most!