Navy SEAL Corporate Team Building

Return on Investment?  Absolutely!

"APG has saved our company over one million dollars every year in HR expenses."

Larry Cheatham / VP of Employee Services / Flintco

Corporate Leadership Training

Navy SEAL inspired corporate team building events from APG give you and your team the opportunity to get out of the office and bond, going through an intensely rewarding experience together while learning valuable lessons about leadership, what’s needed to be successful in stressful environments, themselves, and others. It’s corporate leadership training like no other!

The corporate world is highly competitive.

From Flintco Construction - an APG client since 2013

“APG has had a profound impact on the culture at Flintco.  We operate in a highly competitive industry with razor thin margins and anything short of operational excellence jeopardizes our people and our business.  Working with APG we have shifted our culture to one based on performance, accountability, attention to detail and teamwork.  In the process, we have created a very desirable work environment – our voluntary turnover rate has fallen 67% over the last three years from13.5% to 6.7%, of which only 1.7% leave our company to join a competitor.” 
Peter Kozicz / CEO / Flintco



Available APG corporate leadership training events include classroom style discussion sessions, experiential events, or a combination of both. All programs are facilitated by APG’s team of retired US Navy SEALs and Special Operations personnel. Our Navy SEAL inspired corporate team building services are tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Corporate Leadership Training

What Does Better Look Like?

Define your "Standard"

Our Navy SEAL corporate team building exercises help your team develop their unique “standard” by first asking thought-provoking questions that will build the bedrock of how you will do business moving forward. In defining your standard, our corporate leadership training will present questions like “what does it mean to be part of your corporate organization?” and “What do you expect of your teammates? What do they expect from you?” Our Navy SEAL corporate team building will serve as an important stepping stone towards the total transformation of a group of corporative individuals into a collaborative team of leaders and achievers.

Corporate Leadership Training at Every Level

This part of our corporate leadership training begins with questions like “What guides your organization? Who could handle more? Who is handling too much?” Your answers will give valuable insight into the strengths and weaknesses of your current corporate leadership model. Discussion and exercises designed to build on existing strengths will follow, and we’ll help you outline your preferred leadership model. This is where the benefits of Navy SEAL corporate team building become apparent, as APG is drawing from over 125 years of Special Operations Leadership experience in addition to our own decade of interactions with some of the most insightful business leaders in the country.

Building Excellence From The Neck Up

Combining a lifetime of Special Operations experience and Advanced Psychology degrees, Navy SEAL corporate team building breaks down Mental Toughness to it its bare parts. With it, our corporate clients are equipped with the strategies and tools they need to be prepared for any challenges they may face, maximize productivity, and effectively handle contingencies.


Navy SEAL corporate team building is one of the best ways to build up your corporate team because US Navy SEALs are among the world’s most effective teams. However, that kind of reputation isn’t built overnight. To give you everything you need to build up and maintain a team worthy of that kind of reputation, our Navy SEAL inspired corporate leadership training allows for discussions that provide clients with insights and attitudes to maximize results and incorporate real-world examples to illustrate each point.

Additional topics include:

  • Developing "The Standard"
  • Mental Toughness and Resilience
  • Team Cohesion
  • Communication
  • Target Leadership
  • Motivation Theory
  • High Stress Decision Making
Classroom Style Navy SEAL Corporate Team Building
Classroom Style Corporate Leadership Training

From the CEO of Accuworx Inc.

"Thank you for designing a boardroom program for our senior management team. Our company handles environmental disasters and manages hazardous waste; we were hoping APG's session would inspire our team's out-of-the-box thinking skills, tap into better ways of managing stress in work/life, and provide an experiential team bonding experience. We received what were hoping for and so much more. After the session, we debriefed your program and found that each team member had uniquely different take-aways from one another; and the lessons learned were deeper and more personalized than what other conventional corporate programs could ever offer. Thank you APG for helping take our team to the next level. ”
Jason Rosset / President

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Exercise Style Navy SEAL Corporate Team Building