17 November 2020

You can’t win the game if you stay on first base. Unfortunately, to most of us, we don’t like change. It’s SCARY and UNCOMFORTABLE. There are too many unknowns and possible risks when we leave our place of “SAFETY”. The reality is the game is going to go on whether you want to move or not, and that place of safety is going to quickly become an uncomfortable place.

You’ll never reach HOME until get off first! Here are some thoughts on making those transitions:

GET COMFORTABLE BEING UNCOMFORTABLE – This is the best lesson we ever learned in SEAL training. Start doing something difficult every day to challenge your mind and body. Embrace the Suck!

TAKE A STEP BACK – Emotions overpower rational thought. Taking a step back means pausing to get some perspective on the bigger picture.

TAKE SOME CALCULATED RISKS – This doesn’t mean put yourself in unnecessary danger. It means we sometimes have to take our foot off the base and take a lead in order to reach our next goal. You’ll never realize your true potential until you leave your comfort zone.
As we say in the SEAL Teams, “Mediocrity is for cowards!” Remember…the world needs HITTERS!
Quote of the Day “Comfort zones are where dreams got to die.” – – Anonymous
ETS 31 Embrace the Suck Podcast Episode 31: Moscow Rules: Staying One Step Ahead Want more APG Performance Tips, check out our podcast here.
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