Tuesday Performance Tip

19 January 2021


Finishing off the GOAL SETTING topic, we have found that “Flagging the Minefield” is arguably the most neglected tool in the toolbox, and the reason so many people struggle to reach their goals.

While operating as a SEAL, the most dangerous part of any operation was getting TO and FROM the target objective. We owned and controlled the actions at the objective (The Target), but what COULD occur while getting in or out was limitless. Flagging the Minefield was how we identified and managed the potential risks so we could maintain some level of control. It’s about SITUATIONAL AWARENESS and CONTINGENCY PLANNING.

Flagging the Minefield takes on several forms. It’s not only used to identify physical threats and barriers but the mental and emotional ones as well. You are researching and PREPARING THE ENVIRONMENT in your favor.

It’s common to burnout, become overwhelmed, or deal with the occasional curveball while working toward a goal. It’s critical to mentally prepare for disruptions and identify positive ways to adapt to the situation. This could be in the form of preparing for a negotiation, a sales call, or any situation where you don’t have full control of the environment or desired outcome.

As we always say, the ideas here are simple, but the simple things are never EASY! Whether pursuing a personal or professional goal, trust the process, give yourself wins along the way, and use this technique to keep from being thrown off-guard. And don’t forget to have fun along the way. Remember, the world needs HITTERS!
Quote of the Day “The best way to predict the future, is to create it!”
– Abraham Lincoln
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