Memento Mori

We’re All On the Clock: People tend to shape expectations by events in our past. This would be fine, except people rarely remember things as accurately as they tell themselves they do. Entire personas are often constructed around partially true memories in hopes of being happy in a world that no longer exists.

So we can learn from the past, yes, but to do so too often comes at the expense of the present. Ironically, or not, we do the same thing with the future. We don’t know what tomorrow’s world will be like, what difficulties might arise, what opportunities might emerge, or slip away, but we assure ourselves that tomorrow will be more accommodating than today. The bad news, of course, is that “the future” as we imagine it never gets here.

Consider “Right Now“; Right Now is the “Later On” during which you swore to yourself you would handle a certain something. Right Now is the “Someday” you promised yourself you’d be in a much better place than you were Not So Long Ago. But as you can see, today is a lot like yesterday. This week is a lot like last week. And next month won’t be especially different from this month….unless you decide RIGHT NOW to make it that way.

Quote of the Day

If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.”
Milton Berle

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