Not Everything is About You

In the age of social media, it can be very easy to get an inflated ego that clouds your judgment and prevents you from growing as a person. Don’t get us wrong, being confident in yourself isn’t a bad thing, but when that confidence becomes arrogance and self-importance, it’s become a problem.

The rise of social media has given many the idea that without their input, the world just won’t keep on spinning. Civilization does not hinge on the actions of a few people – people have gotten along fine in the past, and society will continue on well into the future. On the other end of the spectrum are those who expect the world to bend to their desires, feelings, and opinions and have personal standards that seem to change on a whim. Despite being on opposite ends of the spectrum, both these attitudes are harmful to our society, and people like this could use a reality check that not everything is about them. Essentially, they should apply a “focus on myself” frame of mind rather than a “focus on others” frame of mind and talk with people rather than at them. This is important for personal growth and changing these mindsets can make a team operate much better.

Now, you might be wondering, “how do I focus on myself without developing a toxic sense of self-importance?” We have three tips: shut up, create rigid personal standards, and do more walking and less talking.

  • Shut up for a while: To create more harmony in the world, just shut up for a while. Taking more time to listen rather than talking will help you better understand where others are coming from rather than assuming it and telling them why they’re wrong.
  • Create personal standards: Creating personal standards gives you the ability to weigh what you see in front of you according to the same values and same beliefs that you standardly adhere to.
  • More walking, less talking: With all the noise out there, nobody cares about what anyone says anymore. People care more about actions than words, so be an effective example of your beliefs and opinions.

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