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Adaptation – If it Didn’t Sting a Little, Everyone Would Do It: Without a doubt, the Chinese curse has come to pass; in a world where nobody cares about UFO disclosure and cardboard spectators wear masks to watch baseball, it’s hard to imagine things getting any weirder than they already are. For some, times were already hard enough that this is just one more thing to contend with, for others, it’s all become a bit hard to make any sort of sense out of.

The world as we know it has ended, they say. Things will never be the same, it will be years before something and decades before something else, and still something else may be gone for good. Whether any of these speculations are accurate or not, we would like to offer a perspective that we push again and again to our athletic clients:

Evolution is not about who is strongest, fastest, or smartest; it is about who can adapt.

The world is getting weirder, and that just means you have to get harder. Today may never look like any of the Yesterdays you’ve ever seen in your life, but that doesn’t mean Tomorrow is going to look anything like Today.
Stay in there, keep swinging. The road you were on may have ended, but that doesn’t mean you should stop moving. Find another road or start carving out a road of your own.

If you are reading this it means a thousand generations of your ancestors held it together through wars, famines, floods, fires, plagues, and invaders on horseback. To say it in modern parlance: the software is already installed, you just have to open the app.

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Quote of the Day “There is nothing permanent except change.”
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