Tuesday Performance Tip

Be Like Fire or Rain: Not trying to get overly Zen here, but the last 48 hours of being on standby to run for the hills to escape the latest tropical storm on the East Coast or wildfires on the West Coast has left us with an interesting, if not unfamiliar perspective. Fire or rain don’t care what your schedule is like, how much sleep you’ve had, how many other things you’ve got going. The rain comes down in sprinkles, in sheets, and sideways if the wind blows right. Wildfires go where they want, when they want and can change direction at the drop of a hat. They don’t discriminate between rich or poor, happy or sad, or who just got their car washed.
It does it’s thing, it unloads, it rolls on, and when all is said and done, the world is a fresh clean slate, ready for whatever else 2020 has to offer.
Do what you do. Be who you are. Leave the rest for the street-sweepers.
Be like the fire and rain.
Quote of the Day “You said you like storms, so I let you in. Turns out you you can only handle a little rain, I am a hurricane.”
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