Tuesday Performance Tip

“Plans are Nothing, Planning is Everything” Going along with our Plan, Prepare, and Execute theme, this statement by Eisenhower is a slap in the face of reality. Having a plan is respectable, but it doesn’t produce results. SEALs might plan to go after a high-valued bomb maker, but that doesn’t mean they understand and can handle the challenge. Execution without planning can lead to disaster. Planning is about being Intentional while taking Action. What makes SEALs successful is their ability to prepare through the planning process. It’s in the process that good intentions are transformed into reliable actions. They understand what they want and identify what contingencies might get in their way. They never just accept results. They produce them! When we don’t live intentionally, we’re giving away control of our future. This results in either SETTLING for the STATUS QUO or putting you in a constant state of playing CATCH-UP. Many of us waste our precious time repairing yesterday. If you’re too busy repairing the past, you’ll never have the time to enjoy today. You won’t have the resources to prepare for the future you want. Challenge the status quo! Without planning and living intentionally, your hopes, dreams, and ideas sit idle on a shelf collecting dust until one day, like you, they’ll be gone from this world. Some of the greatest intentions and ideas in the world are lost forever in a graveyard. Don’t be another statistic! CALL TO ACTION: Some thoughts on living INTENTIONALLY Understand the Challenge – Know where you want to go, why you want to go there, and what might get in your way. Align your Actions – Trust the process and make sure your actions match your purpose. Don’t get derailed by shiny objects or settling for someone else’s plan for you. Always challenge the status quo. Prepare for the Criticism – Some of the loudest “boos” come from the cheapest seats. Don’t get discouraged by critics that question your WHY. In the end, they’ll be asking you HOW you did it. The After-Action – Immediate review of what went right and what you can do better. Especially in this world of uncertainty, the only things we can control are the actions we take. Don’t wait for the “good deal” to appear or expect someone to bail us out, it’ll only end with disappointment. You only get one shot in this life! Use the steps above, take action, and live intentionally. Remember, THE WORLD NEEDS HITTERS!
Quote of the Day “When someone tells you, “It can’t be done”. It’s more of a reflection of their limitations. Not yours.” ~ Unknown
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