Imagine you’re in a TV show. One of those short ones where there’s no time for buildup. Imagine it’s about the Chinese curse of living in interesting times.

Open your eyes.
It’s not TV. It’s real life. It’s your life. It’s interesting outside, and this show is on 24 hours a day, zero commercials.
All interesting.
All the time.

You can, if you decide to, daydream about how “normal” everything was only 5 months ago. You can long for days of carefree bumper-to-bumper traffic and crowded nights out in busy downtown entertainment districts. You can hearken back to a bustling office every night as you drift off and pray for things to be back to normal by the time you wake up.
However, comma. you ain’t gonna get what you want, you’re gonna get what’s in stock. And unless you want a one-way ticket to Rubber-Room Land, the worst thing you can do is strain your brain trying to shoe-horn what’s happening outside your door into any version of reality that makes sense based on previous experience.

– B U T –

…we’re not without options.
People have survived every horrible situation that nature and man can impose; whether its frozen wasteland, desert dunes, nuclear fallout, or fire-breathing cannibals, there have been people who have come through it in one piece.

But in all those horrible situations, this one included, one vital step holds true:
you’ve got to look at the situation as it is; not through the lens of how you want it, not from the perspective of what you deserve, but plain and simple, the situation, as it stands, on its own.
assess your reality
identify your options
*make your move


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