Here’s the deal, the world has become an increasingly hard place to stay alive and an even harder place to get ahead; YOU CANT DO IT ALONE!

You need people at your side, you need people watching your back. In short, you need a team, and having a team means COLLABORATION.

Don’t confuse that with “compromise”, where nobody really gets what they want, but COLLABORATION, where everybody chips in for a TEAM win, because consistent-wins through team success is better than the few-and-far-between wins when you go it alone.

Make it about the team, make it about your people, focus more on building something worth being a part of, and less on what you think you’re entitled to or how it makes you feel. LISTEN to different viewpoints. GATHER and SHARE all the information. AGREE to a plan with your teammates, step out as a united front, get where you’re trying to go.

Quote of the Day

“Life in the state of nature is solitary, poor, nasty, brutish and short”
Thomas Hobbes

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