Okay Campers, Rise and Shine

Thought you were done? Gonna go back to Regular Life and forget all about the sideshow-caliber train wreck that has embodied every minute of 2020? No more masks or lockdowns or shopping between riots?
Smooth sailing from here, right?

No one’s goin’ nowhere.

YOU’RE not goin’ nowhere.

Where you goin’?


It’s Groundhog’s Day campers, we’re gonna go around again and we’re not stopping til someone rings out.

You got a roof over your head, a snack in your hand, and more time than you ever dreamt of to build yourself into whatever you always knew you could be if only your schedule would allow it.
So pop tall, because this is a very special time with a very special chance, on very special extended-length episode of the only show playing this season: “This Will Probably Suck”.

In SEAL training, this is the part where the BUD/S Instructor is heading back to the staging area after leading a 4-mile soft sand run….and leads you right past the finish line and keeps right on running and you keep right on following “…really? But this sucks!”

In combat, this is the part where your 3 or 4 hour patrol just got extended another 24 hours, and you’d be happy that it started raining because you’re almost outta water, now if only you had some dry clothes…and maybe some food. SUCKS!

AND IN REAL LIFE, this is the part where the all-hat-no-cattle crowd says “screw it”, throws their discipline out the window and does whatever they want, which often enough is nothing at all…and this is the part where the true hardasses double down and stay wired tight, because they know that at the end of this fart-joke of a year, there will be a very clear delineation between those who folded like a lawn chair when the goalposts got moved, and those with the minerals to HOLD FAST for as long as it takes.

….but unlike some of the crueler versions of Natural Selection, on this go ’round, the choice is all yours. Make it count.

Quote of the Day

The price of excellence is discipline. The cost of mediocrity is disappointment.”
William Arthur Ward

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